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J-ACT, Japan-Automotive Creation Consulting & Translation had been established in April 2009 based on the state of the art, knowledge and experience working for 38 years at Mazda Mortor Corporation and 3 years at Ford Motor Company.
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Chugoku News Paper, Hiroshima Japan(February 18, 2009),
Series/ Sudden Change of Auto-Industry "Walks in Detroit"
"#3 Ford Requests Mazda to Continue Strong Relationship"
U.S. Ford Motor that speeds up the management reorganization looks continuing the relationship with Mazda.
Ford will introduce the new Fusion Hybrid model in the most fierce midsize cars category that includes Camry of Toyota this year. The aim is to launch the inversion offensive by an environmental strategy which is behind the Japanese car manufacturers.
Shortening of Development Period by One year
Chairman William C Ford showed his confidence, saying that "We are competitive to achieve Ford's "Green Strategy" at North America International Auto Show that opened in Detroit last month.
"To introduce new products in the short period which supports the success of the Ford's reorganization is contributed by Mazda". Art Hyde, Chief Engineer appreciates the contribution of Mazda in the product development in Ford Design Center in Dearborn.
The reason is PD Term has been shortened about one year in majority of new products, Taurus and the Mustang etc. being introduced in this year by "Mazda process" for the product development.
In the latter half of the 1990's, Ford was expanding the enterprise by increasing the share ratio of Mazda to 33.4% and purchasing Volvo. To unite the Product Development System for each company in the group, Ford thoroughly investigated the PD Systems of each company. Finally, Mazda was chosen as "Most competitive".
How is efficiency improvement in the development process united to the high quality? Mazda was seeking the Product Development Innovation at that time, which was requested in management crisis. Targeting "Zero-prototype" and "Zero Engineering Change", Mazda was proceeding to adopt digitalization and incorporation of "Takumi", superior skill into the process.
Now, the process is applied to Ford PD System.
To adopt the Mazda process was finally decided by the Ford executives, who were called "Mazda Mafia" who had the management experience in Mazda. The Mazda method was clearly adopted for the Ford Business Plan and Product Plan.
An engineer of Mazda's retiree exists, who serves as "bridge person" at the Product Development Center of Ford. Hajime Yamashita who visited US by Ford's request in 2006, and is working as advisor, supporting Ford by preaching Mazda's experience, knowledge and knowhow.
"How Mazda is doing?" The question is asked often at the senior management meeting. "Mr. Yamashita's remark is respected. And policy of the conference has ever upset." (Hyde). The Mazda Way is expanding surely in Ford's PD.
The Mandatory to Reorganization
"A new Product Development process learned from our partner, Mazda, that reduces the time to develop a new vehicle by 8-to 14 months." and the investment efficiency is raised -, It's in the Ford's Business Plan, submitted to Senate Banking Committee,
While Ford's share of Mazda was reducing, Ford looks continuing the strong relationship between Mazda.
Mr. Hyde who has the experience of Mazda in Hiroshima says, "Taking a longer term perspective, we worked together very closely. We have a very strong relationship with Mazda. And Mazda is necessary for the Ford's reorganization. Now Mazda is requested to respond."
(Yoko Yamamoto)

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